House training for dogs...

Time and patience
Teaching your dog a time and place to relieve itself is relatively easy, it does demand regular and sustained effort from you in the first few days of the schooling.

Most dogs will understand what is asked of them in a few weeks with consistent schooling. If you do have problems teaching your dog, there may be a medical problem and you should visit your Vet for advice.

As with all our schooling methods, the principal is to reward the correct behaviour and ignore all others.

Animals in Mind does not condone the use of cages or other artificial aids to house training.

Starting out
From the start you should encourage your dog to use a specific area. Initial 'paper training' will only give you an extra lesson to teach them later. They may also develop a habit of peeing on any newspaper!

A good, healthy, regular diet means that your dog should need the loo at roughly the same time each day, usually just after they have eaten. Remember your dog needs to urinate at shorter intervals.

After meals
Begin after meals by taking your dog outside for 2 minutes or so, if he/she doesn't go then take them back inside. try again at 10 minute intervals.

As soon as they have been, reward them with a really tasty treat and plenty of overboard praise (It's no good if you do it 30 seconds later).

If you associate a word of command such as 'Busy' while your dog is going it is possible to get them to relieve on command - assuming they need to!!

Over the first few weeks you will have mistakes, before the teaching is 100%. When mistakes happen, simply show that you are disappointed in them but do not punish them, they won't understand what is wrong. You are more likely to cause house training problems than solve them.

Make sure you take them out first thing in the morning and last thing at night, again praising & rewarding after they have relieved themselves.

If you do have difficulty with this method do not hesitate to visit your Vet as your dog may have a medical problem.

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