dog in cage
What did I do?

Please don't force or punish

When trying to resolve behaviour issues, please don't use any form of shouting, punishment or aggression. It entirely counter productive, and completely incompatible with all the solutions below.
It's not important how you see the use of punishment, it doesn't make anything better. It also causes more behaviour issues and anxiety than it solves, for you and your pet.

Dog behaviour

Being a leader to your dog
Dogs can rule our lives simply because we allow them to. This can lead to dogs that are aggressive, difficult, jealous and anxious.
Teaching your dog to come back
Many dogs aren't allowed to run free, in case they don't come back. Teaching them is simple, it just needs time and patience.
House training the gentle way
Teaching a dog when and where to go is not difficult, but it does require some good time-keeping and patience from owners.
Introducing dogs to visitors
One of the major problems dog owners have is introducing the dog to visitors. This page gives some tips to overcome this problem.
Habituation for dogs
In order to be happy and confident, dogs need to experience life. This page describes some ideas on getting a dog to be more confident.
Separation problems with dogs
Many people have dogs that cannot be left, the most common root is dogs that get attention on demand.
Preventing boredom for dogs
Dogs are often bored because they need to do more than sit around indoors. Dogs are intelligent and need some stimulation throughout the day.
Confidence building for dogs
Many dogs exhibit what appears to be behaviour problems simply because they don't have enough confidence to behave normally.
Overcoming fear in dogs
Dogs can be frightened of many things. This page gives some insight into fear and some things to try to overcome the problem.
Over excitable dogs
How to overcome problems with dogs who don't seem able to contain themselves when owners or visitors come to the house.
Possessive behaviour in dogs
Many dogs can cause problems in the home and other places that they frequent by assuming that the territory or property is theirs to defend.

Cat behaviour

Resolving spraying issues
Many cats suffer from this problem, the cause is usually insecurity but there are things you can do to help.
Aggression towards people
Many cats are aggressive towards their owners but there are ways to lessen if not solve the problem.

Rabbit behaviour

Coping with unfriendly rabbits
Many people have rabbits that bite or run away when approached by humans, they need lots of time and effort but the rewards are worth it.
Introducing new rabbits
Rabbits need company, they are sociable creatures but can be extremely territorial. Introducing a new rabbit is possible if it is done carefully.